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We know where to get the good stuff!

This year we are building some exclusive retreat packages and

adding some luxury to your stay.


We have partnered with some of the best local companies in Ericeira

to offer you access to quality local indulgences!

Check out some of these right here!


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Casa Luya aims to celebrate ancient handcrafting techniques by curating authentic artisanal creations from small artisan villages around the world, supporting local livelihood and manufacturing and stimulating a mindful and caring way of conscious consumerism.

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It all started with a homemade batch of sunscreen. They relocated to western Portugal and a new beach lifestyle meant two things - we needed good sunscreen and wanted to protect the ocean.  


Imagined on a beach in Portugal and developed in Cyprus. Palm & Pine is of European origins with a mission to be loved worldwide.



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Their iconic VW campervans span generations, from the 1970s to the present day. Explore our unique collection of VW vans and motorhomes for hire in Portugal. All of them are eye-catching beautiful and pleasingly functional, but each has a unique personality of its own.

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Raw Care Studio was created with an intention in our heart — living a sustainable and meaningful way of life, supporting our community while seeking to inspire a sense of self-cultivation and self-care by turning daily routines into grounding rituals.

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Futah® is made with a unique fabric, inspired by traditional Arab towels. With the utmost respect for this ancient art, we reinvented the concept, perfecting the composition of the fabric and developing original patterns inspired by the Portuguese beaches we grew up on. The outcome is a light and resistant towel composed of 100% cotton, that dries fast and yet occupies very little space — perfect for hot days and cool nights.



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Born in Ericeira from a creative mind, and being the first independent cowork in town, Salt Studio is the result of lots of hard work and passion – creating a space that is nurturing and beautiful to work from.

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At Kelp Co-Work we believe that connection to others & a healthy environment are the foundations to well-being. Our space is human-centric, beautiful and functional. It’s a home away from home.

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100% Organic veg box delivered straight to your door. All grown locally. 

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